Frequently Asked Questions

What can go into the bin?

Most things can be discarded in our bins including green waste, building waste and general household waste.

The below items are not permitted to be put in our bins:

asbestos, toxic or chemical waste, gas bottles, batteries, tyres, liquid paints, fuel, oils and food scraps

How much can I put in the bin?

You can fill the bin evenly until you get to the top of the bin. Unfortunately we will not be able to take the bin if it's filled any higher than this due to legal requirements.

What are the weight limits?

Due to weight restrictions the 4 and 6 metre bins cannot be bulk filled with concrete, soil or rubble. These bins are generally for green waste, household waste and construction.

How long can I hire the bin for?

Our prices are for up to 7 day bin hire, if you're finished with the bin before 7 days just contact us for a quick pickup.
If you require a bin for longer than 7 days please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I pay for the bin hire?

Payment can be made by cash or eftpos at the time of delivery. A secure over the phone payment or direct deposit can also be arranged.

Please note: Funds must be cleared before delivery of bin if paying by direct deposit.

Where will the bin be placed?

The bin can be placed anywhere in your property boundary following your directions. The bin cannot block pedestrian foot traffic and in some instances may need a council permit which is up to the customer to arrange.
If for any reason you require the bin to be moved please contact us.