Who are we?

Nathan is a very friendly, dedicated and energetic person and he is also the one you’ll meet when you book a skip with us. I (Amelia) do the work behind the scenes and support Nathan in making Sunrise Skips an honest, reliable and successful business. There’s also Teddy our big Malamute X St Bernard who would rather dad just stay home with him all day and our baby we’re so excited to meet in April 2021.

We started Sunrise Skips in 2020 after us both being stood down from our resort jobs due to Covid-19. Starting a business was something Nathan had dreamt of for a long time so we just needed the push to jump in and see where it would take us and we’re so thankful we did.

Although we’re only a new business this doesn’t mean we deliver any less in customer service or in our daily operations. We pride ourselves on being sustainable, efficient, trustworthy and always having a smile on our faces!

We are so grateful for everyone that supports our small business, thank you for reading a little bit about us.